Water Quality Report
Lake Linganore

Today's E. Coli Model Prediction

E. Coli Model Prediction is currently unavailable.

Water Test Results for 6/17/2024*

E Coli: 16.00 CFU/100ml
235 MPN/100ml is EPA’s / MDE’s Public Beach Action Value (BAV)**. Recreators in waters with E. coli exceeding the BAV, risk illness.

PC: 14.00 ug/l
>50 ug/L field instrument reflectance screening result indicates an elevated cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) population.***

CHL (chlorophyl): 30.00 ug/l
>100 ug/L field instrument reflectance screening result indicates likely abundance of total phytoplankton, inclusive of green algae and cyanobacteria.***

* Date water sample was collected. If yesterday’s E. Coli was below the BAV and it has not rained, it is likely that today’s E. Coli (result reported tomorrow) will be measured below the BAV.

** Maryland’s Public Beach Standard for E. coli concentration as a general indicator of the potential presence of pathogens in the water

*** Cyanobacteria can produce toxins under a variety of conditions but a PC value below 90 ug/l may indicate that cyanobacteria population density may not be sufficient to produce toxins above WHO standards. Other cyanobacteria advisories may be issued based on PC trends, PC / chlorophyl a ratio, MDE plate counts and toxicity measurements.